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Everyone, at some point in their life has suffered from the oh so feared writer’s block. From essays back in school, to blog posts, to professionally edited news articles, just about everyone has been faced with that dreaded blank sheet in front of them and nothing…. I mean NOTHING, comes to mind to write. Or worse yet, too much floods your brain and you can’t focus. So, what’s a writer to do? Fret not! (whips out a sword that looks very much like a feathered pen) I have gathered some great ideas for how to beat that writer’s block dragon.


Talk to an imaginary friend

“Fred” hasn’t heard from you in ages, bet he’s got lots of great ideas.


Change up your writing platform

Typically use MS Word? Try Google Docs instead. Or to go totally old school, a pad and paper.


Take a short trip

And no, not just around the block. Your brain needs a recharge, so stimulate it with some scenery


Get those brain cells buzzing.


Stop writing for your readers

Get selfish for once and write on a topic that you really feel passionate about. Who knows, you might just get a whole new fan club. 😉


Write at a different time

Always write around the same time each day? Well change it up!


Write in a different place

Usually write at your desk at home, well, how about taking that laptop to the beach? Or even better yet a winery? 🙂 Okay, so maybe you won’t get much writing done, but you’ll certainly enjoy yourself.


Stop worrying about grammar

Yes, I know, you’re a perfectionist and it’s hard to not hit that backspace key over and over again to correct those typing errors. Sometimes you just have to let it flow and correct it in the second pass. So, let it flow… let it flow… *cough*


Start in the middle

You have the great idea, but you just can’t come up with that killer intro. It’s okay, really, you don’t have to write in a straight line. Some thoughts come random and you might just find that letting the whole thing just fall together naturally was the way to go all along.


Steal ideas

Now, I’m not talking straight out plagiarism. What I’m saying is search around and see what others are writing about on a particular topic. It could spark an idea of how you could expand on it or take a different angle.

Have a snack

Brain food, it’s a thing.


Go for a quick walk

A nice brisk walk around the block to clear your brain. Oh, and might wanna take a notebook or smartphone with you. Nothing bugs me more than when a great idea strikes and I’ve got nothing to write it down with.


Go shopping

Now, we’re not talking about a full on shopping spree. Just a bit of window shopping will do. You just never know where inspiration will appear. Might just be from that avant-garde display in that boutique shop window.


Record yourself

I carry around a digital voice recorder wherever I go, just in case I have a cool idea pop in my head for an article. I’m the forgetful sort and if I don’t get it out of my head when it appears… *poof* off it goes.

Bake a cake

I love the process of baking. Following a recipe and moving through the steps allows me to calm my brain. Sometimes all you need is a moment of silence from the “noise” in your head to let that sliver of an idea bloom.


So, I queried a couple of my writer friends to add their two cents and here’s what they had to say…


“Walk away and exercise. Sleep on it. Get up and vacuum.” ~ Robin Dohrn-Simpson

“I start by unplugging, taking away my distractions like my phone, etc. I try to do a warm-up writing exercise from a writing prompt to get things flowing. If I need to, a change in environment helps (switching rooms, going outside, etc.). Recently, I started working on a book and every time I get stuck on an idea, I read a small section in an already published book by another author that has a similar layout to what I am working on. Then I’d list ideas from that book.” ~ Angie McLaughlin

Do you have any ideas for breaking writer’s block?

Leave them in the comments below!

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