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Before starting any new company or launching a new line of products you simply must do your research first, or you could be wasting thousands of hours of hard work and potentially thousands of dollars as well. For your product or service to be found online by potential customers you need to know what they are searching for and how they are searching for it to understand how your product should be positioned, marketed and potentially even what it should be named.

So How Does One Find This Useful Tidbit of Info?

Easy, start with where people are actually searching, sites such as Google and Amazon have a wealth of information about the way people search and the search terms they use. With roughly over 304 million active Amazon user accounts and Google with over 3.5 billion searches per day, let’s just say there’s plenty of relevant data to comb through to make highly informed decisions.

For example, let’s say you sell spray bottles. If we look on Amazon we can see that its auto suggest starts being helpful by providing suggestions for what are likely the most searched uses for spray bottles.

Here we see various popular uses:

  • Spray bottle for hair
  • Spray bottle for essential oils
  • Spray bottle for plants
  • Spray bottle for cleaning solutions

As well as various popular formats:

  • Spray bottle glass
  • Spray bottle small
  • Spray bottle 32 oz
  • Spray bottle 16 oz

This information lets us know right off the bat that already there is a market for spray bottles that fulfill these specific needs and that consumers are looking for them made out of particular materials and in certain sizes. Not a bad start, but we can dive even deeper.

Let’s say your company is all about making and selling spray bottles for essential oils, bet your house smells wonderful. So let’s use Amazon search again to get even more specific about user queries around this topic.

Again, we see searches getting even more granular and specific around sizes and type of container, and now we are even seeing colors being thrown into the mix. It would appear that people who are interested in essential oil spray bottles are also very particular about what color they are, I wonder why. Maybe it’s time to switch over to Google and see what more we can find, more specifically Google Keyword Planner. Found within Google Adwords, the Keyword Planner is a tool to help select keywords that will trigger your Ads to show on Google and their display network. You do not however need to run ads, and spend money, in order to use the tool. In order to get to the tool you will need to set up an AdWords account, just don’t set any of your ads to run, unless of course you want to run an ad campaign, but that’s a post for a different time.

Once in the Keyword Planner tool you will be able to input a seed term, say “spray bottles for essential oils” and ask the tool to find you more keyword suggestions around the topic. You will be able to see not only all the different ways people are searching, but also just how many times different queries are made within a monthly average.

Here we can see that not only are sprayers used for essential oils, but diffusers as well. Hmm, might be a good idea for another product line to carry, searches for “essential oil diffusers” are much more abundant than “spray bottles for essential oil”. If you are able to change gears on your product line and focus on diffusers you may find a much bigger market to sell to. However, if your whole business model is about sprayers, then be prepared to face some competition with websites that may rank for sprayers, yet they are really just selling diffusers, and understand that you will have a much smaller market to sell to.

Amazing how eye-opening a little bit of research can be.

Let’s say you decide to stick to your guns and make spray bottles for essential oils. We will want to get the most that we can out of this topic and we can do that by not only concentrating on writing content that includes the head terms (eg. “spray bottle”, “essential oils”) but also around questions people might ask about the product and what are all the best ways to use the product.

There are a few good ways of finding out what questions people are asking online, one of which is a website called Answer the Public. When using our seed term again we find such questions as:

  • Can I use plastic a spray bottle for essential oils?
  • What kind of spray bottle for essential oils?

Another is to use Google’s “People Also Ask” information box in search results and get even more great questions to answer.

Wrapping Up

So what’s the main takeaway here? Do your research first. Have a plan for your content and write about things that customers are actually looking for so you will be more visible on search engines, such as Google, and have more success at selling your product or service to those who are looking to buy.


Passionate about digital marketing and helping small businesses succeed online, Shannon has over 15 years of online marketing experience. She loves sharing her knowledge with others to help them become better marketers.