What's YOUR paid search strategy?

From Google AdWords to Facebook Ads, a smart paid search strategy can help to increase visibility and reach for your products or services.

Paid Search (PPC)

Utilizing various paid search channels can be a very important portion to any digital marketing strategy. Because there is such a wide array of paid advertising channels there’s an opportunity almost any budget, large or small, to advertise their business online. The key to a successful paid search campaign is having a well thought out plan that understands the target market and demographic, and uses ad copy and a landing page that promote click-through as well as conversions.

Google AdWords

Before setting up an AdWords campaign you should begin by thinking about what is your ultimate goal. How will you measure the ROI? Are you looking for leads? Do you want people to directly purchase your product from visiting your site via an ad? Do you have one or many products or services to promote?

Some markets are highly competitive for paid search, you could be paying upwards of $20, $30 or even $50 per click depending on the size and location of your target market. Understanding the value of every conversion is important in deciding just what your daily and monthly budget will be. At the end of the day paid search needs to make sense for your business.

Keywords & Ad Groups

There are techniques and tactics for getting the most out of your AdWords campaigns, and that begins with choosing the right keywords and organizing them into ad groups that make the most sense. Your keywords and ad groups should be organized around specific products or services and the value that they bring or the problem they solve for the consumer.

Location Targeting

For most campaigns you can’t and don’t want to try to “boil the ocean”. To get the most mileage and best results for any budget it is important to focus on the geo targeted markets that have the largest population and are within range of your business. You can focus on certain cities or even a mile radius around your physical location.  

Ad Extensions

There’s a selection of extension that you can add to your advertisement to attract even more attention and drive more clicks. Here’s just a few we recommend and use:

Location extensions

Are great if you have a retail brick and mortar store that people can visit. By tying in your Google My Business info with your AdWords ads your customers can easily and quickly discover where your business is located and just how far it is from their current location.

 Callout extensions

Allow you to add even more copy to your ad so that you can stand out amongst your fellow search advertisers. It is best to use these callouts to point out unique value propositions about your products, services, experience, or business. Examples would be something like… “Free Consultations”, “Free Delivery”, “24hr Turn Around”, “Open Sundays”… etc.

 Sitelink extensions

Are pretty much what they sound like, links to certain pages within your website. You can use sitelink extensions to drive people to key pages within your site so that you can catch them a various touch-points throughout their buying journey. Examples would be something like… “Contact Us”, “Financing Available”, “Weekly Specials”, “Read Our Reviews” … etc.

Campaign Management

Set it, and forget it is NEVER a good idea in AdWords. It is imperative that an active paid search campaign be monitored each day for subtle movements up and down in bid costs, issues with ads, potential budget depletion, and so on.

Ongoing optimization of an AdWords campaign can involve:

  • Multivariate ad copy testing
  • Removing underperforming keywords
  • Researching and expanding on new keywords
  • Optimizing landing pages
  • Improving Quality Scores
  • Adjusting ad delivery schedules
  • Monitoring and reporting on performance


Contact us today and let’s get you on a path to success with your paid search marketing.