Is your business being FOUND online by potential customers?

Whether it be in a local search within and around your physical location or nationwide, it is imperative that your website show up for the most relevant and organically converting terms around your brand and the product or service that you provide.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is about the process of combining on and off page optimization, consumer search insights and industry product knowledge to create content that is in alignment with user search intent. By crafting content that resonates with a consumer’s needs and desires a business enables itself to achieve a higher rate of conversion.

Without properly executed SEO a website is lost in a sea of indexed content. Google and other search engines are trying to understand and serve up the most relevant results to their users. With good SEO, your products, services, blog posts, and informational pages rise to the top of search engine results.

SEO Website Audits

A well-executed SEO campaign should always begin with the existing health of the website. We highly recommended an audit be performed in order to discover any underlying issues that inhibits it from performing in search engine results as well as its competitors.

A website audit will typically consist of reviewing and assessing the following:

  • sitemap.xml and robots.txt file
  • Google site index
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Site visibility; high level keyword ranking check
  • Canonical tagging verification
  • Site errors (ie. 404s, 500s, etc)
  • On-page optimization review (i.e. Page titles, meta descriptions, H1s)
  • Site speed and mobile usability

Once any issues have been identified we are then able to construct a plan of action in order to address each and provide recommendations on improvement. If you would like for us to perform a complimentary and quick SEO website audit of your site just contact us, we’d be happy to help!

(Disclaimer: Our quick audits will provide just highlights of anything we may find, they will not include any analysis or recommendations. If you do decide to become a valued client we will be happy to provide you with a much deeper audit including an actionable analysis and recommended next steps.)

Local SEO

If you have a business in either a major city or small town, it is important that you have proper signals in place so search engines understand that your website is the most relevant for user searches where they are. We help you do this through the use of proper schema markup, local citations and on-page SEO.

At CloverLabs we ensure our clients receiving local SEO services are properly optimized for local search queries; as well as providing ongoing management and optimization of both the website and owned channel to ensure relevancy for locally targeted web searches.

Keyword Research & Content Optimization

Before you can really know what you want your customers to find you for, you must understand how your customers think and search. Before you fight the uphill battle of ranking #1 for a very generic term such as “insurance services”; which may not even convert, it’s important to look at the entire customer journey and find the search terms that are more likely to convert that may be much easier for your business to be visible for in the search engine results.

At CloverLabs we spend time really getting to know our clients and their products or services, so that we can better understand their customers. Through extensive research of keywords, search trends, and your direct competitors, we can find missed opportunities for content and areas where content should be improved for better search performance.

Content Development & Copywriting

At the core of any successful search engine optimization campaign is great content that is on topic, helpful and highly relevant to the searcher query. Content should engage, enlighten and entertain the reader while guiding them to a suitable call to action from your webpage (ie. phone call, form fill).

At CloverLabs our writers work to craft content that is both engaging and entertaining while still being well optimized for SEO. We work hard to produce valuable content that will more likely be linked to and shared on social media and other channels. In tandem with producing the content we can also help our clients promote this content via owned and shared channels.

Contact us today and let’s get you on a path to success with your search engine optimization.